DIY healthy protein balls workshop


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DIY Healthy No-Bake Protein Balls! Workshop by Zola Foods

Call ’em energy balls, call ’em protein bites: No matter the name, these protein-packed snacks will help combat your munchies. Zola Foods has some delicious superfood-charged protein ball recipes to share with you that make the perfect pre-workout snack or a healthy treat. If you have a sweet tooth, there is sure to be a recipe that you’ll love and there’s no processed sugar at all! Best of all, they typically only take 10 minutes to prepare, which makes them great for those busy days when you need to have breakfast on-the-go.

Zola foods is a sustainable health food brand that aims to simplify nutritious eating for our customers worldwide while supporting female farmers and preserving biodiversity.

Minimum Age: 16yrs


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12.30pm – 2.00pm