Beeeeing: a print workshop


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As someone who suffers from a mental disorder, I have for so many years felt helpless, hopeless, worthless and powerless.

On my journey to recovery, a friend introduced me to bees and beekeeping. I fell in love with bees and the fact that tiny, seemingly unimportant insects are responsible for the pollination of millions of the world’s crops.

Quite simply a world without bees would struggle to survive.

Bees inspire me and remind me that despite my clinical depression that I, like the honey bee, have something to contribute to this world. So when I feel like giving up (which is often) I dig deep, and remember the power of bees and how much they matter.

I recently created bee-related visual representations to remind and inspire me to ‘Bee’ the best that I can ‘Bee’!

Join me, Sam Nkirote McKenzie, and create your own Bee-inspired artwork!

Minimum Age: 18yrs

On instagram: @samnmckenzie


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2:30pm – 4:00pm, 4:30pm – 6:00pm